K. Bridget Schneider, CFP®, CRPC®


Bridget Schneider has decades of experience in financial services, but her foremost love remains to form and explain financial plans to others. Since most clients who engage in financial planning don’t know what they don’t know about finances, Bridget’s deep listening skills and her gift for identifying unseen financial angles enable her to deftly evaluate situations and form powerful customized plans. She can map your life needs and goals to a prolonged program of high-quality options, then help you make critical choices.

Bridget is known for her clear and patient explanation of recommendations, for her willingness to make herself available to her clients, and for her infectious smile, today Bridget specializes in client retirement planning. She also assists with income distribution planning for those already retired, with estate planning, and has many years of experience advising small business owners regarding their company retirement plans. When you meet Bridget, be sure to ask her how her garden is doing (especially her flowers) and about her beloved grandchildren.