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Tools of the Trade

While I think we’ve all lost track of time in this COVID-19 world, I’m both proud and a bit surprised to see that we’ve already hit the one-month mark since we first opened the doors to BGWP. We are always looking for reasons to celebrate around here but before we can do any toasting, we must first thank everyone for their continued support through this venture. Going into this move, we felt confident about the relationships that we had formed with all our clients, but between a global pandemic and the fact that many of our existing clients have held their accounts at one location for 25+ years, we didn’t know what to fully expect. We knew this would be a big change for many and because of that, there would be some uncertainty that would follow. With that said, we have been blown away by the reception that we have received. We are forever grateful for your friendship and trust, and the fact that all of you have come along with us on this journey serves as proof that the client-advisor relationship will always be far more important than any name on the front door, including our own.

As we started looking into this change, one of the features that we were most excited about was all the amazing pieces of technology that we now have access to and can share with our clients. Listed below are a few of the most important foundational pieces to any client-advisor relationship and a quick rundown of what we now have in place to strengthen those areas.

Financial Planning- The backbone of any great client-advisor relationship begins with their financial plan. We knew this was extremely important and we never want to shortchange our clients, so we decided to partner with E-Money, arguably the industry leader in financial planning software. With E-Money, clients should expect a more detailed and comprehensive financial plan with a ton of resources at their fingertips. For those who are not clients but are looking for guidance, there is no better tool to assist you down that path. Whether its Roth conversions, tax-saving strategies, or just making sure you are putting away enough for retirement, we can help. Watch our quick video detailing our planning software and learn about all the areas that we touch on when creating a financial plan. Our Planning Process

Risk Analytics – Have you ever wondered what your true risk tolerance is? Have you wondered how much risk you are really taking inside your portfolios? Everyone is comfortable with risk when their investments are moving higher. Unfortunately, it’s times like these that can put your stomach to the test. We have a tool that can help define your personalized risk tolerance and then analyze your current portfolio to see how well the two are in alignment. This helps set expectations and eases the anxiety when we do face tougher market conditions. To learn more, please visit Your Risk Number

Investment Research – One thing we do know is there are no certainties in anything related to investing. Nonetheless, that should not stop us from having the best information available when making investment decisions inside your portfolio. Through our partnerships with multiple vendors, we now have access to some of the most respected research analysts in the industry. Along with our access to LPL and Charles Schwab research, we also subscribe to Morningstar, Lipper, Argus, and Zachs to name a few. If our clients need any information on any public traded company, we should be able to provide it.

Virtual Meetings - We are open for face-to-face (or mask-to-mask) reviews, but for those who would prefer to meet virtually, we have the technology in place to go that route without sacrificing quality. In fact, we have fully embraced virtual meetings as an option moving forward regardless of epidemics. Clients will also enjoy our vault program that allows us to bypass those annoying secure emails and share important documents openly and securely. I also encourage everyone to utilize our online scheduling tool located on our website for setting up appointments

So those are just a few of the things we’re excited about around here. If you’re interested in finding out more about what a relationship with Broadway Graham Wealth Partners looks like, please give us a call at 217-441-8801 or schedule an introductory meeting by visiting Schedule a meeting


Be safe,

Shane Adkins, CFP®
 Partner, Financial Advisor